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Yarmatov Suvon Tatlibayevich


Anemia refers to manifestations of systemic inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and is an aggravating factor in the course of the disease. Goal. To study the gender characteristics of anemia in COPD patients, to increase the effectiveness of treatment by using pharmacological preparations of erythropoietin and enteric iron. Material and methods. The clinical data of the examination of 74 patients with stage II and III COPD with anemia and the results of treatment of 49 patients who received epoetin and sorbifer durules in addition to standard therapy are presented. Results. In COPD patients with anemia, iron deficiency anemia was statistically significantly more common — in 63 (85.1%): in 39 (61.9%) women and 24 (38.1%) men. In 11 (14.9%) patients, normochromic normocytic anemia was verified, which has the parameters of anemia of chronic diseases. The frequency of iron deficiency anemia in patients of both sexes correlated with age, was predominantly moderate; at the same time, the average severity was statistically more often confirmed in women — 24 (61.5%) out of 39 patients, in men the mild variant of iron deficiency prevailed — 14 (58.3%) out of 24 patients. Conclusion. The prevalence of concomitant anemia in COPD was 26.5%; at the same time, anemia was verified in 44 (33.7%) women, i.e. in every third patient, anemia was significantly less common in men — in 30 (20.7%) patients. The presence of anemia significantly worsens the condition of patients, especially women, who They are more concerned about shortness of breath, impaired well-being, fatigue, depression, and they need more frequent hospitalizations. Correction of anemia with erythropoietin and enteric iron preparations allows to increase the physical endurance of patients, reduce the intensity of cough, shortness of breath and maintain positive dynamics of physical tolerance for a long time after completion of the course of antianemic therapy.

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